Maximizing Freshness: How to Properly Store Your Apples

Maximizing Freshness: How to Properly Store Your Apples

Congratulations, you just picked up a bag (or box) of Yes! Apples. How do you keep them fresh and delicious for as long as possible? Read on for some juicy tips!

Should I wash apples before storing them?

There are two schools of thought with this one. Some believe it is best to wash apples right before eating them, rather than before storing them. If you do wash your apples before storing, make sure that they’re fully air dried before putting in the fridge—moisture can lead to mold growth. Remove any stems or leaves from your apples at this point, too, because they can increase moisture buildup as well.

Should I store apples in the fridge or on the counter?

Unless you’re sprinting home from the store to chomp into one of New York’s finest apples (we wouldn’t blame you), pop them in the fridge for maximum freshness! We agree that there’s nothing quite as lovely as a bowl of bright red apples to liven up a space; however, refrigerating your apples keeps them crisp and juicy for longer, even up to 8 weeks (if you can resist eating them first).

Can I store apples with other fruits?

Apples are notorious for releasing ethylene gas, which can cause other fruits to ripen (or over-ripen) faster. So, it's best to keep your apples away from other fruits if you want to avoid a fruit mutiny! If you have a smaller space to work with and your fruit has to touch, consider wrapping apples in paper towels to create a barrier.

What’s the deal with wrapping apples in plastic?

Whether you’re purchasing apples individually or pre-packaged, there’s a good chance that plastic bags will be involved. While plastic packaging can help prevent ethylene gas from escaping and keep your apples from absorbing odors, we recommend removing apples from the bag before storing. The apples inside will cause each other to ripen faster!

Did you know that our Yes! Apples 3 lb. bags are made with 5% less plastic? You can also collect apple bags or plastic produce bags and return to most major grocery stores for post-consumer recycling.

There you have it, apple lovers! Follow these apple-tizing tips and you'll be enjoying fresh, delicious apples for days to come. Happy snacking!