Cinco de Mayo Fiesta: 8 Traditional & Modern Recipes to Try

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta: 8 Traditional & Modern Recipes to Try

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is more widely celebrated in the United States than it is in Mexico? The fifth of May celebrates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, but today is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla in east-central Mexico.

This year, we’re celebrating with both traditional Puebla recipes to honor Cinco de Mayo’s origins, along with a few Americanized takes on classic Mexican dishes. Follow our guide below to throw a fun fiesta with friends and family!


1. Frozen Apple Margarita

Crunchy, juicy apples add something unique to traditional margarita ingredients. This drink is easy to make and a refreshing start to any party! • Recipe by Yes! Apples

Suggested Apple Variety: EverCrisp®, Fuji, SnapDragon®


2. Horchata

Traditional Mexican horchata, horchata de arroz, is a sweet, flavorful, and refreshing rice-based drink that is perfect for a warm-weather fiesta. This recipe is adaptable and once you’ve made the base, you can adjust the sweetness and even add flavors (like this strawberry horchata) or spice things up with tequila (hello, horchata margaritas!). We think an apple cinnamon horchata would be pretty delicious, too! • Recipe by Yvette Marquez

Suggested Apple Variety: SnapDragon®


3. The Best Guacamole

While there are more variations on guacamole than we can count, we believe in the tried-and-true guacamole like abuela made it. (Don’t worry, you won’t find us putting apples in this one!) This recipe from My Latina Table checks all the boxes! • Recipe by Charbel Barker


4. Apple & Mango Salsa

Like pico de gallo, but fruitier! While this salsa swaps out tomatoes for apples and mangos, it is still full of flavor. Our recipe calls for half a jalapeño, but if you can tolerate the heat, try it with a serrano pepper instead! The longer this salsa sits, the more flavorful it becomes, so this is the perfect appetizer to make ahead of your party! • Recipe by Yes! Apples

Suggested Apple Variety: Fuji, Gala, SnapDragon®


5. Enmoladas

Mole poblano is one of Mexico’s most famous moles, which originated in Puebla, making it perfect for our Cinco de Mayo celebration. The traditional recipe can be daunting for first timers (although culinary expert Pati Jinich talks you through the process in extensive detail), so we love Isabel Eats’ version that uses store-bought mole paste to save time! These chicken mole enchiladas are easy to put together and the recipe can be scaled up to feed a crowd. • Recipe by Isabel Orozco-Moore


6. Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en nogada is a stuffed poblano dish from Puebla that celebrates the colors of the Mexican flag. While Chiles en nogada is typically eaten in August and September when pomegranates are in season, we think it’s a great addition to this Cinco de Mayo feast. Bonus: the filling is made with apples for extra sweetness! What’s not to love? • Recipe by Maxine Dubois

Suggested Apple Variety: EverCrisp®, Fuji, Gala


7. Elote Asado

Grilled corn is the perfect side for any fiesta. The corn’s sweetness is balanced by a unique cilantro, lime, and ranch crema which is lighter than the typical mayonnaise and crumbled cheese used on Mexican street corn. We still like to top ours off with a little salty cotija cheese, because why not? • Recipe by Ana Frias


8. Buñuelos

Although these discs of fried dough are typically served around the winter holidays, we think they’re a sweet way to end any fiesta! With a basic batter recipe and a little patience (wait until that oil is hot enough before frying!), you’ll be in delicious, sugar-y bliss in no time. Level up your buñuelos with roasted apples and your guests will never want to leave! • Recipe by Maxine Dubois