Why Say Yes! to New York Apple Sales

Established in 1919, family-owned New York Apple Sales has been a leader in the apple industry–putting New York on the map for the country’s best apples. One hundred years after its start, New York Apple Sales has officially launched Yes! Apples– a fresh, consumer-first apple brand that delivers the best selection, competitive pricing, and superior fruit every day.

We Say Yes! To:  

  • Planting the seeds necessary for great relationships with our growers, customers, retailers, packers, and suppliers.
  • Growing, picking, and packing safely and efficiently with your customers in mind.
  • Choosing quality over easy every single day–always deliver a consistent supply of high-quality fruit.
  • Combining the strength of our people with the power of technology to better serve our customers and retailers. 
  • Being at the forefront of the apple industry–powering ⅓ of New York’s fresh apple crop to retailers across the country. 
  • Exporting to Asia, Central America, Israel, Singapore, Chile, and the United Kingdom
  • Partnering with New Zealand and Chile to import apples seasonally to ensure the freshest produce is available 365 days a year.