Innovation & Sustainability

Our Commitment to Innovation

Our packing and shipping facilities use leading-edge technology to grade, store, and pack apples. Our state pioneered the creation and advancement of controlled atmosphere apple storage, and we are at the forefront of electronic color, quality, and size grading technologies.

Our partner growers are rapidly integrating new methodologies such as integrated pest management that slashes the use of chemicals through innovative scientific and natural techniques. They’re creating new planting concepts, like Y-shaped trellises/posts and wiring that allow more sunlight to reach blossoms and apples, producing more flavorful, better-color fruit for our customers.

Working With Mother Nature Not Against Her

Sustainability is at the core of what we do so we can produce high-quality apples for generations to come. Through holistic sustainability, we can build a lasting community that cares about our land and each other–keeping the apple business for our growers healthy today and for generations to come.

We do this by encouraging the preservation of the natural resources that our suppliers rely on to grow, handle, and distribute their produce. 

We help facilitate science-based innovation and sustainable practices, often in cooperation with Cornell University. We’ve been an active participant in studies on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and new techniques in growing, harvesting, and packing apples.

We work together with our growers and packers to:

  • Re-invest in upgraded, efficient packing facilities and energy-saving equipment
  • Improve labor efficiencies in orchards to reduce the impact on the soil
  • Minimize use of pesticides by replanting with dwarfing trees at closer planting density
  • Increase use of harvesting and work platforms that are easier on the environment
  • Enhance use of corrugated packaging with recycled content
  • Streamline shipping logistics to reduce fuel consumption