Apple Facts

Have some apple Qs? We have some apple As!

Yes! Apples are not organic. Why is that you ask? Let us explain. We grow our apples in a very unique region in New York that has a very wet climate. Because of this, it’s very difficult to grow organic because pests love wet weather. Instead, we give a “light touch” when it comes to pesticides and fungicides to protect our product. 

We use crop consultants and university-based research from Cornell University to help us integrate pest management effectively into our growing practices so we can use the least amount of pesticides as possible–making sure to follow all state and federal regulations.

Yes! Apples and our growers have a shared value–we work with Mother Nature, not against her by:

✓ Re-investing in upgraded, efficient packing facilities and energy-saving equipment.

✓ Improving labor efficiencies in orchards to reduce impact to the soil.

✓ Minimize the use of pesticides by replanting with dwarfing trees at closer planting density.

✓ Increasing the use of harvesting and work platforms that are easier on the environment.

✓ Enhancing use of corrugated packaging with recycled content.

✓ Streamlining shipping logistics to reduce fuel consumption.

✓ Investing in ways to reduce our packaging.

We are also proud supporters of 1% for the Planet and How2Recycle in an effort to build a lasting community that cares about our land and the future of farming.

That’s the worst news we’ve heard all day! Let’s change that for you! Simply make a request to stock Yes! Apples to a store manager or customer service clerk, and feel free to let us know that you want a certain store to carry our juicy apples at fnyrf@lrfnccyrf.pbz or @yesapples.

The coolest apples on the tree deserve a cool location to hang out. Keep your washed apples in the refrigerator and they’ll stay fresh approximately 6-8 weeks.

Family means everything to us. Whether it’s supporting family farms or our very own Yes! Apples family, our business is rooted in doing what’s best for the apples we’re sharing with your family. To us, family farms means the owners of the farm work directly on the farm in the day to day operations–many of these farms are even multi-generational! By saying yes to these family farms, we’re supporting the legacy of the apple industry and laying the groundwork for future generations.

We love farmer’s markets, and while our apples are picked by our farmers, they are sold at our favorite retailers. If you’re looking for a farmer’s market, you can find some great resources here

We pride ourselves on picking and packing the best tasting apples you’ve ever had. That means you’ll need to leave the heavy lifting (picking) to us. If you would like to pick your own, take a look at these fine farms

We’re proud to sell the best-tasting apples in the country at retailers across the nation. Head to our WHERE TO BUY page to find a retailer near you! 

Nope! No GMO apples are grown in NY state. All of our cross-breeding (KORU, SnapDragon) is done through natural processes, conventional cross-breeding (crossing together plants with relevant characteristics, and selecting the offspring with the desired combination of characteristics) or by working with professional agricultural breeders.   

Bees are our BFFs–they are vital to everything we do when it comes to growing the perfect apple. When it comes to protecting them, we do everything we can to keep them safe and healthy, including:

  • No spraying during pollination and bloom. 
  • Growers and consultants pay attention to bee health. 
  • Some growers set aside special bee habitats on the farm.  
  • Limit or not use pesticides that are toxic to bees.

We are committed to providing only safe, exceptional fresh fruit that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Here’s why you can trust every bite of a Yes! Apple:

✓ All of our growers and packing facilities receive third-party food safety audits benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

✓ All audits are proactive, preventative programs, based on hazard analysis of each facility.

✓ Continuously review and update our food safety practices by investing in new technologies, equipment, staff training (and re-training), and facility enhancements.

✓ Stringent procedures in-effect throughout entire supply chain.

✓ Full-time, experienced food safety and quality assurance coordinators on staff.
✓ Traceability back to individual packing sheds to ensure transparency.

Still have questions?

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